Research and Development

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Sigma Pharmaceutical |- Research and development team

Sigma Pharmaceutical research and development team is determined in developing intellectual property in non-fringing processes and resolving complex chemical challenges. We work continually to develop new drug delivery systems, formulations, analysis, and testing measures with the assistance of advanced technology.
The R&D center, in Singapore, provides a comfortable working environment for our employees striving for excellence.

The center meets  GLP standards and focuses on the domains of organic synthesis, analytical research, dosage form development, pharmacology, and drug delivery systems.
The instrumentation and analytical knowledge facilities at the center are as follows:
Impurity proliferation of all developed products.
Developing analytical methods and specifications from raw materials to none-compendial finished products.
Study of present available techniques and methods to generate better alternatives.
We are committed to developing innovative technologies and knowledge bases in chemical synthesis processes, generic formulations, and drug delivery systems.

Our Strengths

Excellent infrastructure

The plant is well equipped to handle various development challenges in the area of pharmaceutical products. Our present infrastructure includes the following features:

Technically advanced instruments to handle potent substances like hormones.

Talented faculty