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Responsibility - Sigma pharmaceutical

It is commonly known that the pharmaceutical industry is facing environmental challenges due to growing population and pollution. Our policies are strategies are fully planned as a way of preventing any environmental issues. 

We have introduced pollution prevention and clean manufacturing practices throughout the product and the process life cycle to minimize environmental impacts.


Our company has a key objective to safeguard the health and safety of employees, the public and the environment in which the industry operates. We ensure that our process does not have any negative impact on the environments. We have a team that specifically analyzes and monitors the company process to keep the environment safe and healthy to live.

Our scientists have formulated proactive environment policies so that it does not only safeguard the environment but also reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance competitiveness. To carry out our policies and achieve objectives, we have responsibly defined environment policies.

Sigma Pharmaceutical has its health, safety and environmental policies covering the key principles established at the corporate level and maintaining appropriate arrangements to facilitate and monitor effective implementation.  The professionals are given standardized training to keep the environment values alive.

Corporate Safety and environment groups work together with manufacturing executives to improve process safety, waste management, pollution control, and environmental stewardship.  They ensure that new construction projects and buildings comply with all environmental regulations during construction and operations.