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What is testosterone
Testosterone is a hormone that is present in both humans and animals. The testicles are the primary producers of testosterone in men. Women's ovaries produce testosterone as well but in much smaller quantities.

Testosterone is essential for sperm development. It also affects bone and muscle mass, fat storage in men's bodies, and red blood cell development.

What is do to your body
Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men and is involved in a variety of functions, including:


  • The growth of the penis and testicles
  • The deepening of one's speech as one reaches puberty
  • The appearance of facial and pubic hair begins at puberty, and it can play a role in balding later in life.
  • Height and strength of muscles
  • Bone strength and development
  • Sex drive (libido)
  • Production of sperm


Difference between testosterone esters

A testosterone ester is a form of testosterone that is commonly administered today. The addition of an ester to testosterone extends its half-life and viability in the body. When ingested, pure testosterone has a very short half-life, lasting just a few hours in the body.
The different types of testosterone esters are:

  • Testosterone Caproate
  • Testosterone Cypionate
  • Testosterone Decanoate
  • Testosterone Enanthate
  • Testosterone Sustanon


Medical use
Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is both a drug and a naturally occurring steroid hormone. Male hypogonadism, gender dysphoria, and some forms of breast cancer are diagnosed with it. It may also be used to enhance athletic ability by doping.

Other use
In both men and women, testosterone is used to relieve the effects of sexual dysfunction. Improved libido, increased bone density, and a sense of well-being are all potential benefits of testosterone.

Athletes use testosterone as a method of doping to increase their results. Anabolic–androgenic steroids (AAS), such as testosterone and its esters, have also been used to help with muscle growth, stamina, and endurance. They do so by increasing protein production in the muscles. Muscle fibres grow larger and regenerate faster as a result of this than in the average individual.

What should I stack with testosterone
The Deca/Test stack is a tried and tested stack that will provide excellent gains with minimal side effects for new users. Also, slow-release compounds need fewer injections, which is a good place for beginners to start. It's extremely common, particularly as a starting stack that can be tweaked for future cycles.

Week Testoterone-Enanthate Deca Durabolan:
1-12 500mg 200mg

Side effects
Possible side effects of testosterone therapy include:

  • increased acne.
  • fluid retention.
  • increased urination.
  • breast enlargement.
  • decreased testicular size.
  • decreased sperm count.
  • increased aggressive behaviors.



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